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We have both kinds of music here!

Tuckerman ravine

Brother Andrew skinning up the Tucks trail
Brother Andrew skinning up the Tucks trail

Like the bartender said in the Blues Brothers movie “We have both kinds of music here, country and western!”  We here in NH we have both kinds of winter fun ice climbing and back country skiing, and this is a great year for both.  We just keep getting the snow 18 inches here, 12 inches there it all adds up to one thing, A GREAT MARCH.  The skiing up on Mt. Washington is getting great once things settle down after this past storm the opportunities for ski mountaineering are numerous.  Huntington Ravine adds spice to the usual romp up to Tuckerman Ravine.  The gulleys are steep and narrow and require more skill to manage which means the beers at the end of day can be taller.  Tuckerman ravine has a lot of snow so now is the chance to dust off the snow study kit you put together years ago, dig a pit, and poke around a bit.  Last week I was up there with my brother, limited time meant no pits were dug but the Sherburne trail was fun (We dropped off our daughters at 8:30 am at the Waldorf school and had to pick them up at 12:30 pm).

If planks on your feet don’t interest you then the other kind of winter fun should.  The ice climbing is great right now and the snow pack and longer March days will only make it better.   See you in the mountains.

Another great climb.

Nico Walsh enjoying another great climb.

Lauren Wilson leads in full conditions

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