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November on Mt Washington

November on Mt Washington can be just about anything. I just returned from three days staying at Hermit Lake shelter and climbing. Mt Washington is by far the best mountaineering destination in NH and is really only rivaled by Mt Katadin in Maine in the North East. The great thing about Mt Washington is one [...]

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Cold, Rain, and Snow!

Cold, Rain and Snow. It the past week we have had it all, which has produced interesting conditions. The ice climbing at this point in the season is usually fat and safe everywhere but now it is fat and maybe not so safe. It is these conditions precisely that make ice climbing interesting and uniquely [...]

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So far so good.

Satellite phones are a new addition to the Mahoney family. Not that we actually own one, but this is the first climbing expedition that Kevin has ever been on where he has had access to one. As the wife at home with 2 little ones, the fact that Daddy can “check in” every few days [...]

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