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Kevin Mahoney BD profile

Check out a profile Black Diamond did on me as part of their spring alpine on line catalog. see their on line alpine cataloghttp://blackdiamondequipment.com/en/digitalcatalog?cgid=2015-pakistan&fdid=2015-alpinism

Gervasutti Pillar

Gervasutti Pillar on Mt Blanc du Tacul Simply a classic.  Mt Blanc du Tacul boast some of the finest low commitment easy access alpine routes beyond the Aiguilles de Midi.  The Gervasutti Pillar is one of the best.  The Pillar has 1,200m of climbing up to 6a rock climbing and mixed terrain to top out [...]

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The Matterhorn

The race for the summit of the Matterhorn began before the peak had ever been attained and yet still continues today. In 1865 Edward Whymper came to Cervenia Italy, in the Aosta valley, fresh from the first ascent of the Aiguille du Verte in Chamonix.  He came to hire Jean-Antoine Carrel, the Italian guide he [...]

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Spring in Alaska

Every spring, winter addicts travel north to 63 degrees north latitude to get one last winter fix before the long summer detox.  Just three degrees shy of the Arctic Circle the Alaska Range holds winter year round.   I have made this migration for the last decade in pursuit of unclimbed lines or to offer [...]

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Ten Centimeters of Steel!

With the spring showers we have the change of the season.  Yes ice climbing is done for the year but we enter the spring skiing season and rock climbing season.  In the past two weeks I have guided a little bit of everything.  Ice climbing up on Mt. Washington, ski mountaineering on Mt. Washington, and [...]

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Grand Traverse

The Grand Traverse! In Grand Teton National Park there is no better way to experience the alpine climbing that the Park has to offer. I have just returned from completing the traverse in three days (which is the classic way to do it) with Barry Olson. The Grand Traverse completes the continuous chain of mountains [...]

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New Hampshire Ice Climbing

Here are a few great ideas for the upcoming ice climbing season in New Hampshire. Show someone that you care: There’s no better way to say you care than to give the gift of knowledge.  In this case, the gift of Ice Climbing knowledge from Mahoney Alpine Adventures.  Forget about giving gifts that break, get [...]

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So far so good.

Satellite phones are a new addition to the Mahoney family. Not that we actually own one, but this is the first climbing expedition that Kevin has ever been on where he has had access to one. As the wife at home with 2 little ones, the fact that Daddy can “check in” every few days [...]

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Big Expedition, Fred Hutchinson Climb.

It is my belief that every mountain is climbable. It is also my belief that every mountain will not be climbed every time it is attempted. I was asked to join the Big Expedition by Matt Farmer, Farmer as he is known. I barely knew Farmer, in fact just weeks earlier we had met over [...]

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