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Spring in Alaska

Every spring, winter addicts travel north to 63 degrees north latitude to get one last winter fix before the long summer detox.  Just three degrees shy of the Arctic Circle the Alaska Range holds winter year round.   I have made this migration for the last decade in pursuit of unclimbed lines or to offer [...]

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Ham and Eggs, the Mooses Tooth.

Ham and Eggs on the West face of the Mooses Tooth was first climbed thirty years ago but it has only been in the last ten years it has become popular, and for good reason.  I am not the authority on the Alaska range, but I believe it is the most accessible moderate climb to [...]

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Big Expedition, Fred Hutchinson Climb.

It is my belief that every mountain is climbable. It is also my belief that every mountain will not be climbed every time it is attempted. I was asked to join the Big Expedition by Matt Farmer, Farmer as he is known. I barely knew Farmer, in fact just weeks earlier we had met over [...]

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