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So far so good.

Satellite phones are a new addition to the Mahoney family. Not that we actually own one, but this is the first climbing expedition that Kevin has ever been on where he has had access to one. As the wife at home with 2 little ones, the fact that Daddy can “check in” every few days is, well, let’s just say I sleep a little better at night. I’m sure that Kevin is equally as happy to be able to call home and know that everyone is okay even though he is greatly missed. And no Eliza is not yet walking.

So even though SAT phones are great, the calls can be a bit interrupted making conversations brief. But what I have gathered so far is that Ben, Freddie and Kevin all met up in Kathmandu about a week ago. After sorting through some logistical issues they headed into the mountains. It took 3 days to trek into base camp . So they’re hanging out at 16,500 ft trying to get used to the thin air. They are gradually establishing advanced base camp. The weather is good and even though there was mention of another party on the route they haven’t seen them. They’re assuming they must be in a different valley. 

So as I sit here writing, the phone rings. It’s KEVIN!! The latest update is they are moving up to advanced base camp today and they’re not taking the phone. Sounds like it’s going to be a bit of a haul ferrying loads through some pretty sketchy moraine. Then a scouting day maybe a rest day. There is a nasty ice fall that they have to figure out how to get through before they can get to the face.

The weather is prime. Getting pretty chilly at night (12 degrees F). But they found some great bouldering and have been having fun during the day.  I think the fun may be put on hold for a couple of days as they make their way to high camp at 17,000 ft.

It’s Ben’s birthday today…not a bad place to turn 37. Cheers to you!

So that’s it. Weather is good, climbers are strong, air is thin. Until the next phone call… keep your fingers crossed for stable weather and conditions.

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