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Oh Canada!

Oh Canada!
That’s the feeling you get driving down the Ice Fields Parkway or bumping down the four-wheel drive roads of the Ghost in Alberta. I recently spent 8 days ice climbing up there with Eugene Kwan and we had a taste of everything. Our first day in the Ghost we enjoyed some four wheeling to get to climbing on a 50 degree day and our last day we backed off from Curtain Call WI6 half way up in -27F temps.

Canada is the place to go for all types of adventure. Our tick list reads like the must do climbs in the guide book: Wicked Wanda WI4+, Malignant Mushroom WI4, White Man Falls WI6, Red Man Soars M6, Nemesis WI6, Weeping Wall WI5, Weeping Pillar WI6, Swank M7+, Boyd Mysteries M7+, Shagadelic M6, Carlsburg Column WI5, Curtain Call WI6, and The Sorcerer WI5+.

The primary limiting factor for what you can climb on a trip up to Alberta is energy.
After several 4:30 am wake ups and 2-3 hour drives and BIG ice routes the idea of sleeping in and going to Hafnir Creek and climb short but hard routes sounds great until you can’t pick you arms up any more and a rest day is needed.
It will be an ice climbing trip you are on but it will fill like ice boot camp.

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