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Getting my system dialed.

Variety is the spice of life they say. Well I am no expert on life’s seasoning but I do know a little about livin’. In the past two weeks I have had a plethora of variety; roofing on icy mornings, falling off a roof, ski guiding, guiding ice, snow science workshop, cutting down and trimming a Christmas tree with my girls, X-mas brunch in a cabin in the mountains, and X-mas dinner for the Mahoney clan (actually Claire did the last one and many others as well).

John Kim gulf of Slides

John Kim Gulf of Slides

mark renson on lions head

Mark Renson on Lions Head

Test pit

Test pit

With my new office complete life just got a lot simpler. In the past when I had to switch gear from carpentry to guiding I had to shuffle things around a bit in my shed and dust off the sawdust from my climbing kit. That was okay, but when I switched from ice guiding to ski guiding then to doing overnights in the backcountry I would have to root through six different bins in three different locations and wonder if the transceiver batteries were still good and search for the lost Thermarest pad. Basically I had no system. The thing about climbers and backcountry skiers is they have their system. A system is critical when you live out of a 40 Liter rucksack and you have 50 liters worth of gear you need to bring.

When I worked for NOLS and lived out of a van I had my system dialed. I had everything I needed and each thing had to have multiple uses or it was sent to the thrift store (where it may have been purchased). My system was so dialed that when my girlfriend Claire (now my wife) put dishes away wrong I would correct her (how did I convince her to marry me?). Over the past ten years of being a homeowner and now being a father and running a business my system was absent. Every time I couldn’t find something I would mumble under my breath, with tension in my voice, “I need to get my system together.”

Dick Katzman Hobbit Coulior

Dick Katzman Hobbit Coulior

dick katzman Pegasus rock finish

Dick Katzman Pegasus rock finish

Now I have a garage and man space/office up stairs. This has been critical to my development of a new system. The goal is to bounce from ice guiding, ski guiding to overnights seamlessly. However the size of the space you have to work with alters the type of system it takes to be organized. When I lived out of my van the space was approximately 60 square feet now I have more than ten times that space with a 640 square foot office and enough gear for nearly ten people to be doing just about anything in the outdoors. My system is not complete but it is getting there and now frustration in looking for gear is replaced with creative solutions for how to make my new system work better.

Man Cave/ Office

Man Cave/ Office

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